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Welcome to Atlanta Grading Contractors, the leading experts in landscaping, earthwork, and grading services in the vibrant city of Atlanta. With our deep understanding of Georgia’s unique topography, we offer specialized solutions tailored to meet the individual needs of each project.

Our seasoned team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to handle tasks of all sizes, from small residential jobs to extensive commercial projects. As a testament to our company commitment to excellence, we employ the most advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver results that exceed expectations. At Atlanta Grading Contractors, we transform landscapes, creating firm foundations for your dreams to take shape.

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Whether you own a house or a lovely building with a big yard in a subdivision or a large landscape, these properties need proper maintenance and a nice look. And good care begins with one of the essential renovations– land grading.

Atlanta Land Grading is an honest local grading contractor and landscape grading company located in Atlanta providing excellent grading and excavation services near you. Contact us today if you need a yard or land grading professional expert to manage your yard grading project. No grading job is small and big for Atlanta Grading Contractors. We are doing every small and big job with our partner Atlanta Demolition Company.

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Atlanta Grading Contractors is your licensed grading, excavation, and demolition contractor serving Atlanta, Ga, nearby cities, and more! If you need land grading and leveling, contact us today.

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Landscape grading isn’t just only for grading projects and grading contractors in the Atlanta metro area; we are Georgian landscape grading and excavation solution for your new project plan. A proper landscape survey can tell you how helpful land grading can be and should be done for your new site project. So why choose our grading company? Call us if you need land grading costs.

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Integrity and fairness are essential to Atlanta Grading Contractors—business policy and ethics, whether dealing with grading or excavation project.


Atlanta Grading Contractors strives to ensure our customers get a reasonable estimation with quality work completion. We provide a free estimate, and our price is unbeatable. We believe in quality work with less costly projects.


Atlanta Grading Contractors' experience guarantees that our site projects will be done safely and with the upmost highly trained professionalism.


Our Atlanta Grading Contractors team is an expert in grading and excavation in Atlanta, Ga. So whether you need grading or excavation, Atlanta Grading Contractors should be your preference.

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Besides providing an outstanding site project, Atlanta Grading Contractors also completes the office management of our training with the upmost expert professionalism.

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Atlanta Grading Contractors is committed to the safety of our workers, the public, and our project site operations. We have a Safety Program at our team management and our team who are continually taking the training.

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Atlanta grading contractors is a Georgia state-licensed & fully insured land Grading, Excavating, Drainage, and Erosion Control Company providing services in Atlanta, Ga. When you need a land grading contractor with many years of experience and with, heavy machinery land grading skills, and a solid commitment to customer service, Atlanta Grading Contractor should be your first choice. It should be the name you can trust in Atlanta, Ga.

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Whether you need Landscape Grading or Excavation for clearing land, correcting slopes, retaining walls, or installing storm drainage systems, we proudly provide our landscape Grading Service to customers. Atlanta Grading Contractors Services understands what it takes to manage and fix a landscape that lasts a longer impression. Our Atlanta Grading Contractors team is very professional and highly trained in the way we handle landscape grading and our customer needs. As a result, we fully expect to exceed our customers’ expectations in every way we do. 


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Land Grading - land grading and field layout

  • Landscape Grading
  • Grading land for new house
  • Lawn Grading
  • Landscape Leveling
  • Landscape Sloping
  • Residential Grading & Commercial Grading Service
  • Land grading for surface drainage
  • Grading land for water drainage

Excavation Service

  • Land clearing
  • Demolition
  • Site work
  • Grading
  • Land grading for drainage
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Atlanta land clearing tree removal service

Land clearing

  • Hazardous Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming & Shaping
  • Lot Clearing / Land Clearing
  • Bush Hogging
  • Ivy Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Landscaping / Sodding Turf
  • Storm Cleanup
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We are your #1 choice for landscape grading, excavating, and dirt hauling in Atlanta Ga.

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Our highly skilled experts are knowledgeable about the entire land grading and land preparation development process. They will show you step-by-step through completing your landscape grading and excavation site project. We are partnered with Atlanta Grading and Hauling.

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Why Is Land Grading Important? Why you need one?

Don’t get framed by the near by competition, trust our solid project reputation. We are the best in the market

Land grading is a crucial step in any construction or landscaping project for several reasons:

1. **Prevention of water damage:**

Land grading ensures proper drainage, directing water away from your home or building. This helps prevent potential damage such as soil erosion, basement flooding, and foundational instability caused by water accumulation.

2. **Preparation for construction:**

Grading creates a level base for constructing buildings, roads, or other structures. It helps lay the foundation and install infrastructure like sewer and water lines.

3. **Improved aesthetics and functionality:**

A well-graded piece of land not only looks appealing but also improves the functionality of your outdoor space. It can eliminate unnecessary hills and dips, making it safer and more usable for various activities.

4. **Enhanced property value:**

Proper land grading can significantly increase the value of a property. It creates an attractive and functional landscape and demonstrates that the property is well cared for and protected against potential water-related damages.

In short, you need land grading to protect your property, prepare for construction, improve aesthetic appeal and usability, and increase the value of your property. Hiring professionals like Atlanta Grading Contractors ensures the job is done correctly and to the highest standard.

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Our Atlanta Grading Contractors Team

As a family-owned landscape Grading Contractor & operated excavation business, our company was established on dedicated and committed hands-on leadership and team and high customer satisfaction. We have approved landscape grading and excavation insured for residential houses, commercial land, and public works site projects.

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Juan George

Site Estimator and production coordinator

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Customer Care

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Project Estimator

What our client say about us?

We are fortunate to have formed excellent and exceptional partnerships with many of our customers at Atlanta Grading Contractors. And we’ve created more than just working and project relationships with our customers; we have created true long-term friendships. Here’s what they have to say about us.

We chose Atlanta Land Grading Contractors based on the excellent feedback they received, and we have not disappointed at all. They did a fantastic job. Their landscape grading team met with us, provided us with a free estimation and consultation, then sent us an affordable price estimation soon. They are a very professional and affordable grading company do a quality job.

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Atlanta Grading Contractors just completed an overhaul of our house’s backyard. They had the task of removing big trees along with approximately 9″ of topsoil that had piled up over 30 years, and they did grading the whole yard. Atlanta Grading Contractors and his fantastic team were very professional and responsive. I highly recommend Atlanta Grading Contractors Company

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